We approach every project on a case-by-case basis.


What matters to us in the first place is not what management technique we use but to get along well with each other during our common journey, keep it under control and know when and how will we reach our final destination.


What fits us the most is not the position of a mere supplier but the position of a trusted long-term partner that highly values his customers satisfaction. During every project, we put great emphasis on establishing a friendly relationship with the customer and setting clear rules that will govern the management of the  particular project.

Our goal is to provide the customer with the needed solution to his utmost satisfaction. 

Possible project management methodologies


The waterfall method is one of the traditional development methods. The project will be completed  following your welldefined requirements 


Agile methods are always carefully selected to fit the specific features of a particular project. The methods are based on complex comminucation with the customer and the development is splitted into short sprints.  


However, in project management we are ready to accept and fully adjust to the customers method if requested 

We select the model of project management on an indivudual basis to best fit every customers need. The combination of high qualification, personal responsibility of each team member and the client involvement in the process is what results in successful project accomplishment. 


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