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If you want to speed up the introduction of new services and applications, increase security, availability, proceed agilely, support modernization, in short, be an overall flexible company, the cloud is the right direction.

Today, the architecture of cloud and distributed systems is important for almost every system in the enterprise.

Our approach

We understand the needs of businesses and know how to help them achieve common goals using cloud services. We have hands-on knowledge from Cloud Enterprise architecture to application architecture to development.

Over the past few years, we have developed dozens of applications built on cloud services. We have the broadest and deepest knowledge of Azure cloud services, but we also have experience with AWS and hybrid solutions.

We typically build solutions over Platform as a Service (PaaS) and serverless services to support modernization and lower application maintenance costs.

When designing solutions, we pay attention to the use of the well architecture framework and the basic pillars of architecture.

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    Performance efficiency

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    Cost optimization

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    Operational excellence

In addition, we also support agility, modernization and sustainability of solutions using the following principles.

Agile and accurate processes

Using DevOps to break barriers

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD) in development and production

Constant improvement

Design of systems with loosely coupled architectures

Focused assertive application monitoring

Using Azure monitoring with Log Analytics tools for infrastructure and Azure Application Insights for application monitoring

When designing and implementing products and services, we use a wide range of cloud services to leverage the most appropriate service for a given scenario.

Cloud services

Senior knowledge

Web, Identity, Database, Development tools, Safety, Calculation, Containers, Networking, Integration, Storage, Management and control

Advanced knowledge

Analysis, Migration, Internet of Things

Basic knowledge

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Mobile, Mixed Reality, Media


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