Moving to the cloud without administration, plan and strategy


It is very easy to acquire the necessary infrastructure in the cloud. Losing control of security and costs is just as easy. That’s why it’s extremely important to monitor resource usage, security and costs. Ideally in an automated way with alerts that report when a certain utilization is reached.

Every company should also have a clearly appointed person who is responsible for a specific area in the cloud.

First situation in the company:

We have set up funds in different regions according to the most competitive price for the given fund. We were then surprised by the cost of data transfers among the regions.

Komix advises:

The suitability of determining the strategy of the primary region according to the business requirements of the company in which the cloud resources will be operated.

Second situation in the company:

We’ve set up funds and we’re receiving invoices. Unfortunately, we don’t know who the funds belong to so that we can allocate the costs appropriately.

Komix advises:

Choose a guideline methodology for selecting resources. And mark them right when you create them, then you can easily determine who the resource belongs to.

Third situation in the company:

Before the project itself, we made a cost estimate. However, we were surprised by the cost of the services storing the telemetry data for subsequent evaluation.

Komix advises:

When designing a solution, it is necessary to think about what data, for how long, and at what granularity will be needed for retrospective evaluation (e.g. bugs). The initial setup for these services is not optimal, and for this reason we recommend paying considerable attention to these services.

Our experience is, costs can be saved as well:

– using the storage time itself,
– by configuring granularity,
– the client-side configuration that sends the data to this service.

  • 5. 1. 2023