More and more often demands of companies for cloud solutions have led me to become certified in Amazon Web Services


A solution architect Maros Vongrej has been a part of our team for 3 years. He managed to obtain his third certification during this time. After his successful TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified certification, he chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the Certified Solutions Architect – Associate level. He started preparing for that last spring.

What all did the preparation and certification itself involve? You will find the answers in the following lines in the interview with Maros.

You are TOGAF 9 certified. Why have you chosen AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate now?

TOGAF serves as a general framework for designing lifecycle management architecture or architecture changes. In general, it helps me with orientation in the initial steps, which I have to think about as an architect at the beginning of the project and also in the next phases of the project. I had a general knowledge of how products should be designed and what methodologies should be followed from my professional experience or the TOGAF training while AWS certification is more practically focused on the technical solution or functionality of services. In addition, cloud environments are increasingly preferred today. Most solutions are developed using AWS or in Microsoft Azure. I decided for studying AWS cloud services and their certification.There was another reason – gaining the know-how. In KOMIX Digital, we will use that for projects when designing architecture and also when consulting with developers.

You were preparing for several months and it paid off. What is the certification process?

I started the course in spring 2020 and I usually spent my evenings studying. Since October, I started with more intensive preparation for my final test. If I failed the exam, I would have to take the whole course again. So I didn’t want to underestimate anything. The test itself took place online under strict restrictions (an empty room, no snacks, papers, pencils or mobile phone). However, I appreciated this opportunity even under these conditions because I could be at home in my own environment and I didn’t have to go to the test center.

The preparation for AWS certification is specific. Currently, there is no selection of courses available in the training center as with other trainings. This is not an interactive course with a tutor but it takes the form of self-studying through video courses or literature from other architects. Amazon also has a very well-developed web portal where the study materials are available. The advantage is also the possibility to create an account within the AWS Management Console where all services are available for 1 year free of charge. So I was able to try the individual tools in practice.

You successfully passed the certification in December. Can you see its benefits in practice yet?

We are preparing various technical documentation and architecture designs within projects for Škoda Auto. There I will use the certification both in the design and in their validation and revision of documents. Internally, the acquired knowledge helps us with projects in which we use cloud solutions and cloud platforms.

What would you recommend to those interested in AWS certification?

The certification is suitable for developers working in a cloud environment as well as architects who want to design products using this platform. I can say high-level knowledge of clouds at least is practically a necessity for an architect nowadays.

The certification is valid for 3 years, so it is necessary to renew it before the end of this period and pass a new test. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to continue maintaining your knowledge and following the news. I recommend watching for example the youtube channel A Cloud Guru, where you will find weekly newsletters or the official youtube channel Amazon Web Services.

If you are considering one of the certifications within Amazon Web Services or you are interested in the topic of cloud solutions architecture, we believe that the interview answered the questions you may be asking.

  • 13. 2. 2023